Oct 30, 2010

well my animation is done, and this blog is still called ninja slippers

I feel like I only do things when I'm jealous, my friend Rene updated his blog and made it all designey and clean looking, all professional like. I gots no time to learn CSS or wateva so I'll just stick with this rootsy look 4 now. Project Ninja Slippers the animation is officially over, but its not out of the picture yet. I got some free time so Im developing a full story surrounding the animation that I would probably release as a comic series/graphic novel. I've done a lot of art work since last, they're all on fb but I'll put some of em up here too.

ALSO I heard dudes be bootleggin my shit in chaguanas, I have no idea how it got way over they're but I left my flash drive in a doc-u-center when I was in Ghana so I'm not surprised. Saw it on someones cellphone and I was like woah, that happened fast.
.......yeah so I guess I'm popular now XD

while listening to french music

call this one bagman

these characters are from a story I'm writing, I did a lot of kick ass character designs and these guys are one of my favorite. I gonna try drawing them in a couple more styles