Aug 19, 2010

The Revolution has been posted

Well It's finally Over. My film 'Project Ninja Slippers' along with the 9 others were screened for the first time yesterday at the Academy for Preforming Arts. A World Premiere of sorts. The response was phenomenal especially for the 5:30 media presentation. Well that's that, If you weren't there, the next time you'll be able to see the film is probably during animae caribe( that's if they bootleg it first). I hardly thanked anyone in my credits and must seem like an asshole to all who saw it, so000 thank GOD and Camille Abrahams my family for inspiration and my friends for support.

Definitely Late September/October I'll upload the entire film online, on the blog, youtube, vimeo the works, just keep an eye out.

Well it's been fun guys, On to the next project........ 'In Love & Light' as my aunt would say.