Dec 8, 2010

It's Dare

The moment we've all been waiting 4, It took 1034mins to upload. You've seen the whole process leading up to this. Now it's finally here, "Project-o Ninja Slippaz-o" HD son!!!

Oct 30, 2010

well my animation is done, and this blog is still called ninja slippers

I feel like I only do things when I'm jealous, my friend Rene updated his blog and made it all designey and clean looking, all professional like. I gots no time to learn CSS or wateva so I'll just stick with this rootsy look 4 now. Project Ninja Slippers the animation is officially over, but its not out of the picture yet. I got some free time so Im developing a full story surrounding the animation that I would probably release as a comic series/graphic novel. I've done a lot of art work since last, they're all on fb but I'll put some of em up here too.

ALSO I heard dudes be bootleggin my shit in chaguanas, I have no idea how it got way over they're but I left my flash drive in a doc-u-center when I was in Ghana so I'm not surprised. Saw it on someones cellphone and I was like woah, that happened fast.
.......yeah so I guess I'm popular now XD

while listening to french music

call this one bagman

these characters are from a story I'm writing, I did a lot of kick ass character designs and these guys are one of my favorite. I gonna try drawing them in a couple more styles

Aug 19, 2010

The Revolution has been posted

Well It's finally Over. My film 'Project Ninja Slippers' along with the 9 others were screened for the first time yesterday at the Academy for Preforming Arts. A World Premiere of sorts. The response was phenomenal especially for the 5:30 media presentation. Well that's that, If you weren't there, the next time you'll be able to see the film is probably during animae caribe( that's if they bootleg it first). I hardly thanked anyone in my credits and must seem like an asshole to all who saw it, so000 thank GOD and Camille Abrahams my family for inspiration and my friends for support.

Definitely Late September/October I'll upload the entire film online, on the blog, youtube, vimeo the works, just keep an eye out.

Well it's been fun guys, On to the next project........ 'In Love & Light' as my aunt would say.

Jul 4, 2010

I think It's Over

I just did my last pass on the sound, it's not mastered but it'll do.
I'd mark this day on my calender but posting it on my blog is kinda like the same thing.
Just gotta render a couple versions of the film, a lil avi, mov, an mkv if Im feeling dirty...... u know what I'm talkin about. SO THATS IT, Im positive the screening is on August 18th at the back of
NAPA(National Academy of Preforming Arts) which is happens to be called APA . I'll try to posting as often as I possible leading up to the event. So stay tuned.

Jun 13, 2010

The NEw lOOK

I've been speaking with allot of Designers lately, and I'm getting the same feedback, I have skill & potential but no discipline. I won't fight them because with no serious art background or even training it's to be expected, don't think I should be relying on observation forever. At some point I'm gonna have to sit down and learn the fundamentals and illustartor..... we'll see how things go.
Yea If this is ur first time seeing this blog you wouldn't notice but it has undergone a complete face-lift. It was a bit dark and somewhat unappealing for such a light hearted animated story. Its Still kinda dark now but more designeee and professional looking, like the rest of my Classmates' blogs.
Talking about classmates Blogs here they are,
almost everyone posted the class blog collection except me, Its beginning to look bad

we're coming up with some really cool stuff so check em all out

May 21, 2010


Post Production is becoming A drag, One person really isnt supposed to be producing stuff like this by them self, None the less it has to be done. Til this point I couldn't get a proper voice My main character(orange pants), So I've decided to mute him 4 the entire film and believe it or not its much better this way. You feel his emotions more and the points made are stronger.
Every frame of animation seen in Ninja Slippers have been created in a little program called Toonboom, never even touched paper and thats just because I don't own a lightbox. I used it strictly for Ninja Slippers work but decided to try animating a Character from an old story I used to think about in form 5. And depending on how the Animation industry develops down here you might see more of it lol.
This is just one frame tho, I'm not done with the background and effects just yet
enjoy :}

May 12, 2010

Still in production, gotta a little free time last week so I decided to work on my poster, This came out good enough but Its no poster, More like a free wallpaper for my hundreds of adoring followers. And yeah I know I said July in the Trailer right but its like TBA right about now. The Screening ceremony has undergone an administration shift so its between Late July and Mid August. Be on the look out lol

Apr 15, 2010

All Systems Go

Its been tough couple of weeks but its over.
No time for playing around though back to work, gonna have to make up 4 all
that time lost. Probably have to go "in", wish me luck. Next Time I post I should be
pretty much done with all aspects off production and will be able to relax a bit. Let's us all look forward to that day, til then Cheers

Mar 28, 2010


Just when I thought I was on the home stretch, my laptop decides to play the ass.
Some thing to do with the the DC charger port, think it needs to be replaced or something. Don't know when thats gonna happen so productions at a complete halt. This here is a really sticky situation but I'm hoping to bounce back as soon as possible. Im definitely gonna get this finished so dont worry yourself too much, still gotta couple months again b4 deadline. In saying that....Any help will be appriciated. If you know of any laptop repair ppl in Trinidad u can leave the contact info in the comments.
help meee...... please

Mar 5, 2010

I'm Getting There

Its been almost 7 months since I've started working intensely on
Proj. Ninja Slipper. I can finally see an end to all this work,
(in the visual department at least). I haven't touched audio yet and
from what I hear it should prove to be a challenge. I was one of those
fools who decided to write a script with dialogue which means extra work
with timing and lip sync but I digress. The next couple of months leading to
the end of the course will probably be the most hectic and with all this sleep deprivation its best not to think about it. I'm literally running out of motivation
and things feel really depressing. But what I'm working on I like to think is bigger than myself and I have my friends and teachers support.
SO I shall work my way through this like I did CXC and prob secondary school in general.
No gifts or treats this post.... just a little update....WAIT!!
here's a link to a deviant of a concept I had for Ninja slippers, its a couple months old but still something.. rite lol
Maybe something cooler to look at next time like a poster design or something completely random(YOU KNOW HOW RANDOM I AM)
sayonara til then

Feb 26, 2010

(Drum Roll.....)THE TRAILER!!!!!!

There my entire Friday
I sat down and I did it,Hope you enjoy

Feb 16, 2010

Damn I've Been Neglecting U

Its been a while hasn't it. Actually almost
forgot about this thing.
Yess and that Trailer thing too. You'll have to wait
; animation is hard..really.
Soo to tease )I post some pictures.
They may be screen shots, they may be lies.. and some
early sketches.
OOOOOO u still have no idea what this animation is about,
should have explained that on the first post sigh*
So until I find that txt. file with the synopsis again hard lucks
Will work on that trailer ppl I promise!! (fade to black)

Jan 23, 2010

Jan 16, 2010

Wat is Ninja Slippers? hmmmm

Yay Im on the internet. Well since this is my first blog Ive decided to make it about one of the most interesting things in my life currently. Project Ninja Slippers is the title of the Animated 5min piece that I've been working. Started around August of last year and its carded 4 sometime around July. Can't give much information but I can say its good. Really good. Hey maybe a trailer if I get time.
Til then I'll be looking at other blogs; try to see what blogs usually look like and try to catch up... sayonara til then