Apr 23, 2011

I'll miss you buddy

http://scrathcylines.tumblr.com/ yes Ive moved .. not sure if permanently but Im trying new things... I will update this guy but its just easier to upload images on tumblr :P... so come on over ..look at me big ol advocate :D

Apr 22, 2011


Im realizing everyones moving to Tumblr.... oh well :D
heres my sketches 4 the day.. Ive realized I suck at male anatomy so ive been firing at it 4 a while, these are the only passable ones along with some other garbage.
Hope you like

Apr 17, 2011

I know they're satanists and they're probably gonna be the end of the world as we kno it, but they're soooo funny>.< If you're not aware of OFWGKTA(oddfuture wolf gang kill them all) ur one of the lucky ones and I don't advise you go searching. They're a young group of extremely talented rap artists and producers reinventing the hip hop world with the heavy metal badass approach to things. I like them because they don't give a damn about anything and that reminds me of how Id wanna be :( if I didn't give a damn.. They're all below the age of twenty and my favorite one of them *EARL* is so young, his mom grounded him, so he couldn't go on tour. They're those wild young mad children you used to hang with, those noisy no good bastards, you didn't like them but you wanted there respect for some reason. Their lyrics and music on the other hand are a litte...how do you say..... scary, some of the most terrible vulgar messed up mAKE eMINEM LOOK LIKE rEBBACCA bLACK stuff Ive ever heard before. I mean there's not one song of theirs Id play outta my headphones.. whats attractive about their music is their attention to detail when it comes to production. They're concerts are like heavy metal rock concerts, with mash pits and fights and crowd dives, not something you usually see in hip hop, so they're turning heads.. I feel special because I knew about em months b4 they blew up.

They make me laugh..... they say some stuff no one else would, they're out of the box to say the least, and most of all they say whats on they're mind.
lyrics like

-Yonkers- Tyler the Creator
I'll crash that f**kin' airplane that that faggot nigga B.o.B is in
And stab Bruno Mars in his damn esophagus

(woooow this was for that song airplanes, expressing they're dislike for the brand of prepacked, pop-oriented hiphop thats been gaing popularity recently)

-Couch- Earl
I got the niggas shaking like the Parkinsons
From the Clitoris of Kelly Clarksons dick
Iron this niggas now Im bout to starch the shit
Throw ur bitch in a tub of cum and throw a shark in it

.... and I stop right there, spat my juice when I heard that -_-
I wont post any of there songs but this is them in their element... seriously funny stuff

Apr 16, 2011

Hate Season Volume 1

inspired by events that transpired over facebook

more WIPS

screenshot from some scratch animation Im working on, the frame by itself is pretty bare but with the onions skins tool on , I get this cool red and green shadow effect, I thought it look AWESOME. look out for the finished product, shouldnt be more than a couple seconds... and the animation isnt my best so dont laugh.......

Mar 19, 2011

done done and done

A lot of you might be completely confused..thats okay this is like a rough draft for something great. Next time I post a page, I'll know exactly what Im doing

Mar 16, 2011


did this a while ago only now uploading...havent done any animation in so long.. I need to get back into it

Mar 10, 2011

3 more pages

3 more and in one night too, I had a very motivational day :]. I think I have an idea of where this is going now, everyday that passes the story keeps on developing in my head. Its lossing its randomness with direction. I guess I can keep it fresh with page content tho. Lets hope this keeps u entertained fer now............

Mar 6, 2011

Page 4 :O

Bloody page took an hour and a half to complete, I lost the flowiness..Doing too much clean up, which defeats the purpose...... lets try again 2moro

Mar 5, 2011

Hello Blog

Im bored..... and I need a reason to be. This Charles Hamilton phase isnt helping either.
But nooooooo this isnt that kinda blog, Im not here to blab abt my problems and stuffffffffff. I got a plan :} ...1.....2.......3

So here it is: Im gonna randomly start doing comic panels...with no pre planning or thought going into it. It might suck, actually, plan on it sucking. THe idea of doing something like this is making me excited though. Not having to worry abt impressing anyone or making something that makes sense. Having no idea of whats to come in the next page, it feels really good. I did 3 tday in a rush but they'll give u an idea of wht im about.

I feel comfortable abt this because of the small amount of ppl who know abt this blog and the even smaller amount that chks it... Im open for any suggestions on the dialogue in the text bubbles, the confusing style or anything really....