May 21, 2010


Post Production is becoming A drag, One person really isnt supposed to be producing stuff like this by them self, None the less it has to be done. Til this point I couldn't get a proper voice My main character(orange pants), So I've decided to mute him 4 the entire film and believe it or not its much better this way. You feel his emotions more and the points made are stronger.
Every frame of animation seen in Ninja Slippers have been created in a little program called Toonboom, never even touched paper and thats just because I don't own a lightbox. I used it strictly for Ninja Slippers work but decided to try animating a Character from an old story I used to think about in form 5. And depending on how the Animation industry develops down here you might see more of it lol.
This is just one frame tho, I'm not done with the background and effects just yet
enjoy :}

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