Mar 5, 2011

Hello Blog

Im bored..... and I need a reason to be. This Charles Hamilton phase isnt helping either.
But nooooooo this isnt that kinda blog, Im not here to blab abt my problems and stuffffffffff. I got a plan :} ...1.....2.......3

So here it is: Im gonna randomly start doing comic panels...with no pre planning or thought going into it. It might suck, actually, plan on it sucking. THe idea of doing something like this is making me excited though. Not having to worry abt impressing anyone or making something that makes sense. Having no idea of whats to come in the next page, it feels really good. I did 3 tday in a rush but they'll give u an idea of wht im about.

I feel comfortable abt this because of the small amount of ppl who know abt this blog and the even smaller amount that chks it... Im open for any suggestions on the dialogue in the text bubbles, the confusing style or anything really....

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