Feb 26, 2010

(Drum Roll.....)THE TRAILER!!!!!!

There my entire Friday
I sat down and I did it,Hope you enjoy


King Jordan Archer. said...

Great trailer kesi! Looks like it's gonna be an awesome project

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaey!!!!!!!!! thes real awesome!!! love the background, love the split second action pieces!!!!!!! this is awesome!!!!keep it up kessi...ima meet u there soon!!!!!great work!

Daniel Silva said...

WOOT!!!! this iz amazin damit!!! very very very inspiring i gots t get t work on our project XD dude this iz pure talent u hav it boi...u def hav it i always thought u had mad skill eh believe it or not but dis iz mind blowin buh doh wry wen we come out we comin out hard so keep it up kesi represent homi :)

mng.cr. studios ltd said...

meh cousin tink it bad

i like d camera shakes

not sure for what reason so little time was spent giving us peeps of the character

i love this project

n this trailer reminded me of samurai champloo
( a cartoon i want to emulate)

Peasworm said...

its more of a teaser than a trailer im beginning to realize
anyway thanks 4 all the love ppl
just makes wanna work harder..sob..

Peasworm said...

and yeh Champloo thats a big comment 4 me lol

MzStarz said...

sigh u neva cease to amaze me...it rel hard!!!! lol =P

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