Mar 5, 2010

I'm Getting There

Its been almost 7 months since I've started working intensely on
Proj. Ninja Slipper. I can finally see an end to all this work,
(in the visual department at least). I haven't touched audio yet and
from what I hear it should prove to be a challenge. I was one of those
fools who decided to write a script with dialogue which means extra work
with timing and lip sync but I digress. The next couple of months leading to
the end of the course will probably be the most hectic and with all this sleep deprivation its best not to think about it. I'm literally running out of motivation
and things feel really depressing. But what I'm working on I like to think is bigger than myself and I have my friends and teachers support.
SO I shall work my way through this like I did CXC and prob secondary school in general.
No gifts or treats this post.... just a little update....WAIT!!
here's a link to a deviant of a concept I had for Ninja slippers, its a couple months old but still something.. rite lol
Maybe something cooler to look at next time like a poster design or something completely random(YOU KNOW HOW RANDOM I AM)
sayonara til then

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